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Project Description

Power Tiller is also referred to as walking tractor powered by 14.6 HP@2000R.P.M. It is a versatile machine, which carries out all the function of a tractor. Ideally suited for small farmers with popular usage are wet puddling, dryland cultivation, ridging, water pumping and spraying. It can also be coupled with a trailer that has a capacity of 1.4 tonnes for transportation.

  • Name – Indra Marshal – Power Tiller
  • Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) : 2870 x 975 x 1260 mm
  • Weight (Engine & Transmission with Rotary) : 364 Kg

Bore X Stroke : 100mm x 120mm
Displacement : 942cc
Compression Ratio : 20:1
Power Rating : 10.8 kW
Lph (haulage) : 1.47
Loc Gm/kw/hr : 1.41
Cooling Water : 4.65 Ltr

Fuel : High speed diesel
Fuel Tank Capacity : 15.8 ltrs
Nozzle : Multihole (3)

Oil Sump Capacity : 3.2 ltrs
Type : Forced feed Type Trochoid pump
Air Cleaner : Multistage, oil bath type

Type : Side drive rotary transmission
Forward : 6 speeds
Reverse : 2 speeds
Rotary : 2 speeds (optional 4 speeds)
Clutch : Multiple plate dry disc type

Tilling Width : 56.5-57 cm
No. of Tynes : 18
Tilling Depth : 16.7-17.4 cm


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Portable Diesel Engines
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