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Diesel Engine Pump Set Water Cooled JIM 1

The Diesel Engine Pump Set Water Cooled JIM 1, proudly manufactured by Indra Marshal, represents a pinnacle of reliability and performance in water pumping technology. Engineered to cater to a diverse range of water transfer applications, this pump set stands out for its robust construction and efficient design.

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Product Brochure

The Diesel Engine Pump Set Water Cooled JIM 1, manufactured by Indra Marshal, is a versatile and robust solution designed for various water pumping applications. This pump set is equipped with a high-performance water-cooled diesel engine that ensures reliable and efficient water transfer in agricultural, industrial, and emergency scenarios.

With its sturdy construction and durable components, the JIM 1 pump set is built to withstand harsh operating conditions and deliver consistent performance over time. Its compact design and portability make it easy to transport and install in different environments, providing users with flexibility and convenience.

The pump set features user-friendly controls and easy start-up mechanisms, simplifying operation and maintenance tasks for operators. Its energy-efficient performance helps minimize fuel consumption, reducing operational costs and environmental impact.

Product Specifications

Declared Power 5 hp
Declared Speed 1500 rpm
Specific Fuel Consumption 251 g/km-h
Fuel Tank Capacity 6.5 L
Net Weight 90 kg

Having used the Diesel Engine Pump Set Water Cooled JIM 1 by Indra Marshal extensively in my agricultural operations, I can confidently say that it has exceeded my expectations in terms of performance and reliability. This pump set has been an invaluable asset, providing me with the water transfer capabilities I need to effectively irrigate my fields and ensure optimal crop growth.

One of the standout features of the JIM 1 is its powerful water-cooled diesel engine, which delivers consistent and reliable performance even in challenging conditions. Whether I'm dealing with varying water depths or tough terrain, this pump set rises to the occasion with ease, ensuring efficient water transfer without any interruptions.

The durability and robustness of the JIM 1 are also commendable. From its sturdy construction to its quality components, every aspect of this pump set reflects Indra Marshal's commitment to excellence. I have confidence in its ability to withstand continuous operation and perform reliably day in and day out.