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Chain Saw Model- CS 5800 20" Blade

USP Product (Characteristics)-
1. Latest Technology
2. Powerful Engine
3. Easy To Operate
4. Fuel Efficient
5. Auto lock braking system

Category: Chain Saw

Product Brochure

The Chain Saw Model CS 5800, boasts a formidable 20" blade represents the epitome of reliability and performance in cutting technology. Crafted with precision by Indramarshal, this chainsaw is designed to tackle a myriad of cutting tasks with ease and efficiency. From tree felling to branch trimming and firewood cutting, the CS 5800's powerful motor and razor-sharp blade make quick work of any woodcutting challenge. Built to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use, this chainsaw features a robust construction that ensures durability and longevity. Its ergonomic design and intuitive controls provide comfort and ease of operation, allowing users to work for extended periods without fatigue. Whether you're a professional lumberjack, landscaper, or homeowner in need of a reliable cutting tool, the Chain Saw Model CS 5800 delivers unmatched performance and versatility. Trust in Indramarshal's legacy of excellence and experience the power and precision of the CS 5800 for all your cutting needs.

Product Specifications

Blade 20"
Engine Power 2.4 kw / 2.8 hp
Engine Displacement 55 cc
Max Engine Speed 11500/rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity 500 ml
Oil Tank Capacity 260 ml
Oil Pump Type Adjustable Flow
Chain Pitch 0.325"
Weight Excluding Cutting 7.1 kg

After using the Chain Saw Model CS 5800 with a 20" blade from Indramarshal, I'm thoroughly impressed with its performance and reliability. This chainsaw is an absolute workhorse, effortlessly cutting through even the toughest wood with its powerful motor and sharp blade. I've used it for various tasks, from felling trees to cutting firewood, and it has exceeded my expectations every time.

What stands out to me is the durability and robustness of the CS 5800. It feels well-built and sturdy, making me confident that it will withstand heavy-duty use for years to come. Additionally, the ergonomic design and intuitive controls make it comfortable to use, even for extended periods.

Overall, I highly recommend the Chain Saw Model CS 5800 to anyone in need of a reliable and efficient cutting tool. It's a game-changer for anyone working in forestry, landscaping, or general woodcutting tasks. Trust in Indramarshal's reputation for quality and experience the power of the CS 5800 for yourself.